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We are a community centered company and our goal is to strengthen small to medium business in the local community. The purpose of Community Oz is to provide your business with afordable high tech marketing to empower you as a local business to compete on a more level playing field with larger business chains and get more market share than you otherwise could.

 There is nowhere else businesses can get a custom built loyalty program without having to pay a fortune in set up costs.

 Our program includes webpage, social media intergrations and real time messages of specials and deals to customers using cutting edge technology including QR Codes, Check In, Electronic Punch Cards, Sharing for Rewards, Virtual Vouchers and Virtual Gift Cards.

 Our purpose is to help you increase repeat business with a custom designed loyalty program that matches your business look and feel and at the same time collect customer data which is available to on line with your own log in.

 Community Oz hosts the program for you so admin is very minimal and as a bonus we will later invite you to extend the offers you are making to your growing data base to the larger combined membership of local community groups, a source of motivated new customers leading to a better local economic cell in your shopping district.


















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